MojoMapp Shows Users Where To Find Other Single People

San Francisco, CA - MojoMapp proudly announced its anticipated April release of a new iPhone app that shows the exact number of single guys and single girls who check-in at a location. Since the app aggregates check-ins continuously, it’s able to show the singles demographic of a specific venue in real time.

“The goal is to allow singles who are interested in meeting other singles to naturally aggregate at common locations when using this app, increasing the probability of them meeting someone,” said one of the Co-Founders.

Unlike other dating platforms already available, MojoMapp doesn’t require user profiles that display personal information. Users create a unique ID that is only used for internal purposes and will never be displayed when using the app. Additionally, users need only to disclose their gender and the gender they are interested in to begin using the app.

MojoMapp’s features and benefits include:

Check-in: Checking-in increases the number shown for singles belonging to a particular sex at a location, which attracts other interested singles to the same location. Each check-in is valid for 2-hours. When users check-in elsewhere before the 2 hours are up, their check-in follows them.

Nearby Places: Users view the singles demographic at venues nearest to their current location.

Places with the Most Singles: Users see a list of venues with the most singles in their city, sorting by locations with the most single guys or the most single girls.

Search by Venue: Type in the name of a specific location to view the current singles demographic of the venue.

Post Anonymous Status: Broadcast a status to accompany a check-in. Statuses will be assigned to the location of the check-in and posted for other users to see. Users can also read the anonymous statuses of other users as part of their research when deciding on a venue to visit.

The Full Version (offered FREE for a limited time immediately following the launch) includes these additional features:

Chat: Commenting on another user’s status starts a conversation. Comments are sent directly to a chat room where the other user has the option to reply and initiate a private and anonymous chat. .

MojoMapp not only displays the number of singles at a location organized by gender, but also by sexual preference. The app uses a blue icon to represent guys and a pink icon for girls. Sexual preference is represented by the color of the heart associated with the icon. A blue heart represents interest in men and a pink heart represents interest in women.

Knowing with certainty that there are single people belonging to the preferred sex at a location saves people time by showing them where to go to find singles. MojoMapp also offers users complete anonymity while using the app and provides users with a fun and safe platform to socialize with singles in their local area.