A Little Bit About Us

What Do You Do?

MojoMapp brings together singles who want to meet other singles to the same locations in a city. By creating hot spots for singles, MojoMapp creates new opportunities for you to meet someone the next time you're out having fun.

Stop wasting time in your busy schedule. MojoMapp shows you exactly where to go for the best odds. Our app not only shows you the number of single guys and girls at each place, but also their sexual preference.

How Does It Work?

When you check-in at your location, you'll naturally attract other singles to come to the same location as you. Each check-in lasts for 2 hours unless you check-in somewhere else, in which case your check-in will follow you. We add up all the check-ins to give you a full picture of how many single guys and single girls are at each place in your city.

How Are You Different?

We at MojoMapp care about keeping your privacy safe. We don't ask for any personal information or make you create a profile. You get to choose how intimate or casual of an experience you want to have while using the app.

MojoMapp is designed for singles who want to casually check out places that have other singles. We show you where to find people who are looking for the same thing as you.

Who Are You?

MojoMapp was created by a single girl and a single guy living in San Francisco.